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Is the USD Getting Stronger? Why? And What Effect Will It Have on the US Economy?

With the counter effects of Brexit on the economy, consumers are starting to worry about the future of the US dollar. Is it getting stronger? And is this a good thing or a bad thing? How will it affect the economy? And the exchange rate? These are questions that are one the mind of a […]

Sony Cuts Semiconductor Spending Investments

It’s tough times over at Sony Corp. (NYSE: SNE) these days. From exploding batteries to the mediocre launch of its Playstation 3 videogame console, the venerable electronics and media giant has certainly seen better days. Now the company is cutting resources at its semiconductor business, and considering whether or not to continue manufacturing its Cell […]

Don’t Throw Your Wine Investment Down the Drain: Store Your Wine the Right Way

Through the centuries wine has become more and more popular. Every year more and more money is going into investments and the consumption of wine. Many people are finding the history of wine to be very important in their purchasing strategies. But with their investment they want and need to know how to properly store […]